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Paula Ellis grew up in a small town in central Michigan. Her love of the outdoors and travel began at a young age. She is the mother of two children, daughter Heather and son Todd David. Through travel and everyday experiences, she taught them to appreciate, respect and enjoy all of creation. Paula enjoys being a grandma, exploring the wilderness, traveling and watching her four grandchildren grow and learn about the world in which they live. She believes children are eager to learn about their environment, whether they’re playing in the backyard, traveling across the country or catching bugs on a camping trip. To that end, she strives to encourage children of all ages to see and explore all of the fascinating things around them.

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Did dinosaurs ever live on the land that’s now Texas? Yes! At Dinosaur Valley State Park, you can see real tracks left by dinosaurs thousands of years ago. These are some of the best preserved tracks in the world. The state park is also a great place for camping, biking and hiking. At Dinosaur Valley State Park, you can see life-sized models of an Apatosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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