Alamo Tree (The History Tree)

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“Such a great book on so many levels!”This is a fantastic book. The first of which I hope will be a lengthy series. The idea of trees telling their stories is brilliant- a way for kids to learn our history in a safe way. I appreciated the optional text on the bottom of many pages with additional facts. I also love that we can read this book, and then actually go visit the tree and historic site. Even as an adult, having been raised with stories of the Alamo, I learned new facts. While it might be hard for some children to know that people perished in this battle, the author handles it with care and appropriately, letting kids know the tragedy without it being too heavy. Could easily be part of a homeschool curriculum or even support traditional school curriculum on American history.- Marcy Pusey- “Gittle List” Award-Winning Children’s Author of According to Corban and Speranza’s Sweater

About the Author

Tana Holmes is the author and creator of beautifully illustrated and creatively constructed books for children of all ages. She is best known for The History Tree Series, where the story-telling tree asks the young reader, If old trees could talk, what tales could they tell? The Old Patriarch Tree is set in Holmes’ native Wyoming, in Grand Teton National Park. The Dueling Oak relates tales of New Orleans since its founding. Her best-known work, Alamo Tree earned The Daughters of The Republic of Texas’ June Franklin Naylor Award for The Best Children’s Book on Texas History. The unique use of easy reader combined with Reader Guidance footnotes helps the adult reader enrich the content as the child’s development warrants. Holmes’ new series, The NOT Scary Books, use fantasy and familiar experiences to create tear-free, fear-free adventures out of first-time visits. The unknowns of the doctor, the dentist, daycare, and other dreaded outings have changed from fearful, to fascinating and fun. Mrs. Holmes has a background in emergency medicine and public administration prior to choosing a career as a health science educator. Entering her 3rd decade of teaching medicine to high school and college students, she divides her time between teaching and authorship. Home is Houston, Texas with her firefighter husband and two rescue dogs. Her adult daughter and son in law are not far away in Austin. For more information about Tana Holmes and her books, please visit, or follow her on Twitter @ https: // Facebook https: // Instagram https: // Goodreads https: // And Amazon https: // /e/B083RLLKV6

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