What Was the Alamo?

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 Pamela Pollack and Meg Belviso have co-authored several children’s books, including Who Was J.K. Rowling? and Who Was Steve Jobs?

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Varied Themes & Affinity Categories

Readers come in all kinds, so why shouldn’t their history books? Who HQ books focus on critical themes explored in history, with titles highlighting important scientists, artists, writers, athletes, changemakers, and musicians. There’s truly a book for every kind of interest.

Book Report-Friendly

Who HQ titles are incredibly accessible and are perfect for engaging reluctant readers inside and outside the classroom. Whether being read for leisure or critically explored in the classroom, the Who HQ series provides a myriad of formats and uses.

Connect With Family Over History

While books are written for middle-grade readers, their inviting and digestible package serves as the perfect go-to resource across the entire family. Learn facts you never knew and extend learning into your family from outside the classroom.

A New York Times Bestselling Series Trusted by Educators

Educators from across the country use Who HQ titles in their classrooms and libraries. Featured on reading lists during the school year and the summer season, teachers look to this series to support and engage students alongside their lesson plans and extended learning programs.

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