P. L. Buquor, Indian Fighter, Texas Ranger, Mayor of San Antonio

A fascinating and action-packed account of the life of P. L. Buquor, one of the most celebrated figures in Texas history. Featuring a wealth of first-hand accounts and rare archival material, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the frontier west.

P. L. Buquor was born in Louisiana in 1817 and moved to Texas in 1835, just in time to fight in the Texas Revolution. He distinguished himself as a brave and skillful soldier, and after the war he became a Texas Ranger, helping to protect settlers from hostile Indians. In 1848, he was elected Mayor of San Antonio, a position he held for two years.

During his time as Mayor, Buquor worked tirelessly to make San Antonio a thriving city, and he also led several successful military campaigns against the Indians. He was instrumental in the establishment of Fort Sam Houston, which became an important base for the U.S. Army during the Indian Wars.

After leaving office, Buquor continued to be involved in Texan affairs, serving as a delegate to the state Constitutional Convention in 1875. He died in San Antonio in 1883, at the age of 66.

This book is a gripping account of Buquor’s incredible life, from his humble beginnings to his later years as a respected leader and political figure. It is also a fascinating glimpse into the turbulent history of Texas during the 19th century.

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