Miraflores: San Antonio’s Mexican Garden of Memory

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“The images give a vivid sense of what has been lost … and what would need to be restored to bring the site back to its former glory.” — San Antonio Report

“Miraflores is a multi-layered masterpiece. It successfully combines rigorous biography, meticulously detailed art historical documentation/reconstruction, and extensive cultural history as context, all with a spell-binding lyricism, coming together to create the definitive text on the garden and the man behind it.” — Southwest Contemporary

“The story of Miraflores garden may be a part of Anne Elise Urrutia’s family history but the San Antonio writer says it is also an integral part of the city’s cultural heritage… Urrutia explores the history and significance of the garden that was built by her great-grandfather, Dr. Aureliano Urrutia.” — San Antonio Magazine

“Many San Antonians drive daily by a park that, even in its ragged state, is breathtaking, and magical. That 5 acres is called Miraflores, and the man who created it remains one of Texas’ most mysterious characters.” — Texas Public Radio

About the Author

As a teenager, Anne Elise Urrutia ventured into Miraflores, the disappearing family garden of her great-grandfather, Aureliano Urrutia, in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years she has continued to explore the garden and its history. Her research on Miraflores has allowed her to rebuild, through words and pictures, the doctor’s lost landscape and receive his message of cultural heritage communicated through this once beautiful and expressive place. She received her English degree from Colorado College and blogs at quintaurrutia.com. She lives in San Antonio.

Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, formerly of the Rockefeller Foundation and Stanford University, is a native San Antonian and an independent scholar of U.S. Latino and Latin American arts and culture.

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