Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from the Pitmasters, Revised & Updated with 32 New Recipes!

The Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook is the perfect book for any barbecue lover. Featuring recipes and recollections from some of the best pitmasters in Texas, this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to master the art of barbecue.

With over 100 recipes for ribs, brisket, sausage, and more, you’ll be able to recreate your favorite barbecue dishes at home. But that’s not all – the Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook also includes tips on how to choose the right grill, smoke your meat perfectly, and make the most of your leftovers.

So whether you’re a backyard griller or a professional pitmaster, this book is essential reading. Grab your copy today and start smoking up some delicious barbecue!

Editorial Reviews


“The original edition was valuable and groundbreaking. This updated version is even better.” -Jim Shahin, Washington Post

“My original copy of Legends of Texas Barbecue has been with me since the beginning. It’s badly worn with dog-eared pages and plenty of grease and BBQ sauce stains. A lot has changed since those days, and Robb Walsh has been there to help shape and document the evolution of Texas barbecue. This new edition is a must-have.” -Aaron Franklin

“In 2002, Robb Walsh’s Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook hit the sweet spot for lovers of smoked meat. The book was part travelogue, part instruction manual, with a side of history thrown in. Texans hit the road, book in hand, searching out the pitmasters profiled in its pages. Then they went home and attempted to master the smoke ring. Now Walsh is back with a new edition (Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook, updated edition, by Robb Walsh, Chronicle Books, $22.95), promising updates and 32 new recipes. If your old copy is worn, tattered and splashed, it’s time to trade up. If you are late to the barbecue and don’t know the likes of Bryan Bracewell, Vencil Mares and Lorenzo Vences, consider it an investment in your education.” -Cathy Barber, Dallas Morning News

About the Author

Robb Walsh is a food editor, food critic, radio commentator, cookbook author, and three-time winner of the James Beard Award. He resides in Galveston, Texas.

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