Black & Blanco!: Engaging Art in English y Español (ArteKids)

Looking for a bilingual book about art that is both engaging and educational? Black & Blanco!: Engaging Art in English y Español (ArteKids) is the perfect choice! This unique book features beautiful artwork from around the world, with accompanying text in both English and Spanish.

Black & Blanco! is more than just a book about art – it’s a learning tool that can help children develop their language skills. And because it’s bilingual, it’s also the perfect way to introduce your child to another culture. so they can learn about art while gaining a new perspective on the world.

With its stunning illustrations and thoughtful text, Black & Blanco!: Engaging Art in English y Español (ArteKids) is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. Order your copy today!

Editorial Reviews


“Children and adults will find much to savor in these titles―so much, in fact, that they may even be inspired to connect with their inner Picassos.” ― Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Madeleine Budnick is the author, series editor, and designer of the ArteKids books. Budnick got her start designing books twenty-plus years ago and has of late been getting involved in written content as well. She brings to the series a passion for the arts (she holds a degree in art history and drawing) and a commitment to creating books that aim to inspire and enrich a child’s world. In addition, she is deeply committed to language education and celebrating cultural richness. Her two young daughters―who knowingly and unknowingly act as consultants on the project―are in a language immersion school. Creating books that combine all these interests makes Budnick’s work for ArteKids as much like play as the law allows. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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