Abandoned San Antonio: Ruins of the Alamo (America Through Time)

Take a tour as we learn about the overlooked landmarks that have actually helped shape San Antonio’s history. These relics of the Alamo City’s previous include commercial properties, commercial facilities, and school facilities. Numerous aspects have actually led to these properties being left and delegated be reclaimed by the factors.

San Antonio is a region that coalesces its previous with today. This important city was established officially in 1718. City leaders arranged an occasion of San Antonio’s 300th anniversary in 2018. Each year, thousands of tourists explore this city situated in South Central Texas to experience the Alamo and the serene Riverwalk. This book will take you on a separate trip that reveals you the other side of a city that is bristling with cultural history.

The deserted properties displayed in these colorful photos consist of the well-known Hot Wells Hotel, St John’s Seminary, and the Pro Plus grain silos. The shuttered buildings portrayed here represent the impact of numerous cultures in San Antonio’s history.

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JOE RIZZO has been exploring abandoned buildings as a hobby for over twenty years. Joe grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and has been living in San Antonio since 1998. About ten years ago, Joe came up with the idea to produce a book about abandoned structures after coming across the book The New American Ghetto written by Camilo Jose Vergara. This book inspired Joe to document the many vacant buildings around San Antonio before they are renovated or demolished in the name of progress.
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